Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And so, the journey begins!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to inform you of my intention to retire from service as of 18th May 2009...............................
This is how the second half kicks off so to speak, I have known for thirty years at what point my life as a firefighter/fire officer will end.
The clock has been ticking inexorably toward this moment, and as in life, one glances occasionally at a clock or calendar to give reference to ones position in the day, year, or life but it's only when there is a timeframe to an event that you contemplate what is left to do, or what has been achieved.
Under normal circumstances I should be considering in what direction I would like the next stage of my life to go, but for now we'll press the pause button and opt out of decision making for a while.
The idea of getting on a bike and disappearing for a while is invigourating, the freedom to choose when and where to go and what to do for the next year or so gives us a feeling of almost childlike excitement! Sue and I have raised a family, persued careers and been shackled by the same constraints as most people only now we're in the fortunate position of being able to say Sod It! it's our turn for a gap year.
To all those who think we are just avoiding the inevitability of getting on with our lives.....
you're right, we are going to avoid it like the plague, and probably get drunk in lots of exotic places worrying about what we'll do when we get back....yeah right!
To our two fine sons, it looks like the Bank of Mum and Dad may be going into receivership!

Stay Tuned, this will be no package tour!!